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Leaderboards working as intented?

Level 9
HI all, So I benched my Ryzen system for the 1st time, only used stress test before!

So looking at the leaderboards ( is that supposed to be all scores? Crosshair boards dont seem to be included.

Looking at the crosshair leaderboards, for some reason I'm top. I figure that cant be right, but hey!

Why is my score not displayed when all the filters set to all? You have to set the filter to "Crosshair" for my score to appear.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Level 14
Awesome score, scores can take several days to show in the overall leaderboard, check back in a day or two

Level 9
Hi Menthol,
Thanks for the reply, will wait a few days.

Still trying to understand how I am top score, nothing that outstanding on my rig. 3.9 Ghz 1700.

I did spend the best part of a year tuning my RAM to low latency so maybe that has helped.

Cheers 🙂

Level 14

You can compare your score side by side with other scores

I notice some Ryzen CPU's are recognized by retail name 1700X and some by a code name K17

I noticed the score right under yours is using memory timings lower than yours

I noticed your AMD GPU's have a very high OpenCl score, higher than Titan X or 1080ti's

I noticed your Multi Tasking score is higher than next

I notice you are using a newer bios version

It's not uncommon to get a skewed score every now and then which can make it difficult to compare with other scores
unless someone else submits a score with similar hardware configuration, same Video driver version, CPU and Memory frequency, same bios version, same Windows version to compare against I can't say for sure
I don't own an AMD rig to compare myself but you are the Ryzen King of the Hill at the moment