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Laptop mobo vrm throttling

Level 7
Hello all!

I have an Asus FX504 with 8300h and a gtx1050ti.

i have no issues with gpu cuz the games i play are mostly cpu intensive.

initially when i bought my lap, the cpu was frequently hitting 85c, so i undervolted it and now it rarely crosses 70c.

but now i have mobo vrm throttling almost most of the time i play dota.

you could see from the below pic that i have undervolted the igpu voltage n limited the current, even then the vrm is under load? am i missing something? or is the vrm in this model so basic that it cant even handle a user defined setting?

the straight red lines of the cpu legend is 2.29ghz (base clock) the dips are 800mhz, throttling. and i cant understand why it throttles to 800mhz when the temp did'nt cross 70c

the cpu runs at base clock during the game with vrm throttling, after i close the game (end of the 30 min legend), you can see that the cpu jumps back to 3.67ghz. i see the cpu jumping as high as 3.89ghz when i am browsing or watching movies, but i cant get those clocks after 5 mins into the game 😞

i still have like 5 months of warranty, maybe after that i am open to maybe add some thermal pads on the vrm mosfets and maybe add a copper wire to make contact with the main heatsink? is that advisable/good idea? or will the main heatsink just spread the heat to the new copper wire and heat up the vrm even more?

here is an intel XTU snap with 30 min legend, immediately after i played a session of dota 2: