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Issues with my Rampage IV Black Edition

Level 7
Ive had this build for about a year now and Ive always had problems with it and i wanna finally fix them. I bought it from XoticPC and asked them to OC my CPU (Intel i-7 4960x Extreme Edition) but they said that they couldn't OC it at all and every time they tried it failed regardless how small of a change. Now about a year later Im getting errors on boot ups saying oc failed even tho i have no oc set up and also itll randomly say Windows error and then i can just go into advanced settings and restart and windows launches fine. I think it might have to do with my ram maybe (64GB DDR3 1600MHz (8GBx8 DIMMS) Corsair DOMINATOR® DHX+). Even in energy saver mode itll still have problems sometimes. Maybe its the bios but idk how to update that 😞 someone help me i spent 8,000$ on the build and it doesnt even run smooth.

CPU: i-7 4960x extreme edition
GPU: 2 x EVGA 780TI SuperClocked and ACX Cooling in SLI
PSU: Toughpower XT Gold 1475W
Motherboard: ASUS RAMPAGE IV Black Edition X79
Ram: 64GB DDR3 1600MHz (8GBx8 DIMMS) Corsair DOMINATOR® DHX+
System wide water cooling with 2 radiators which hits GPUs and CPU

This picture was taken b4 i changed my motherboard and removed 2 gpus. I currently have 2 780tis and a rampage iv black edition

Level 10
I highly doubt a BIOS update will fix your problem, you can definitely try (there are many guides available to teach you how to update BIOS) most of the time the simplest way is to use a USB flash drive. You said even in energy saving mode that the RAM will still have problems.. first of all why is energy saving option enabled in the first place? (normally you want to make sure energy saving is disabled) Also, what are you trying to accomplish here? To get rid of the system coming up with the OC failed message or to try and find a way to overclock your system? You should also list any other issues you are experiencing when using your system as so far what I read, it seems to just be the OC failed message which you said can be fixed if you restart your system. I also recommend that you run memtest on your system, I think it's a huge possibility that there's someting wrong with your memory kit.

Level 40
Running XMP on memory is overclocking. The OC failed message is mostly RAM problems.

What kit of RAM exactly? Is it one single kit of RAM with consecutive serial numbers on the sticks or is it two kits of RAM of the "same" type.

Maybe start by checking the sticks singly and seeing if any single stick gives problems booting or running.

ive had these errors for months but only turned on xmp today because i read it would help
and im trying to fix these errors make my system secure then oc a small amount
problems ive had:
Windows error appearing for no apart reason then not happening again on restart
My keyboard and mouse wont work sometimes on reboot and i have to unplug and replug
overclock fail after not touching any settings
nvidia experience randomly logs me out (which is frustrating while gaming)
and sometimes when i turn off the computer itll reboot itself
if i can think of more or find more when i use my system on tuesday ill post em but those are the biggest issue atm

Level 7
and when i say energy save mode i mean is asus ez setting when it wont stop saying oc fail i put it there and that fixes the problem. i cant even use the water cooled preset option because it says oc failed everytime with that setting
ill run memtest on tuesday and post any results that come up

Level 7
i included all my pc spec under my name if you are interested

Level 7
Im running memtest now and its on the first and its reading ram info as PC3-12800 DDR3 XMP 800MHz / 11-11-11-30 / Corsair CMP16GX3M2A1600C11. Im running 64GB so its 8x8gb. My question is why is it running it at 800mhz in quad channel when the RIVBE can handle quad channel 1600mhz.

Level 40
It is DDR 800 x 2 gives you 1600

However that kit is a 16GB 2x8 kit....if you are trying to run FOUR kits !?! toogether then you will have problems for sure.

You're only slim chance to make it work is set up,RAM manually and probably with lots of voltage.

If you run one single kit all your problems would likely disappear

Level 7
what settings would you recommend

Level 40
Have a look here Kolin

Particularly second post for some tips that may help

Maybe start with two kits and then add full four?