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Is my overeclock causing system wide lag?

Level 7
Ive noticed recently that my computer has a slower response time for doing just about everything; opening folders, applications, even games are somewhat laggy.

I overclocked my ram to the advertised spec of 3200 and I overclocked my TR-2950x for all cores to 4.3 about 6 months ago. Temps are in the good/great range ~30c idle, 55c under load. I haven't tried taking the overclock off just yet because I am trying to see if it could be something else.

Any thoughts?

Specs :

ASUS Zenith Extreme Alpha (bios updated 4 weeks ago)
Threadripper 2050x
8x8 Corsair dominator RGB @ 3200
Corsair H150 cooler with p/p config.
GTX 1080
M.2 Samsung Evo Plus 500gb /c drive

Level 10
it's difficult to say if something is not running stable due to OCing or if it a hardware problem. I suggest to save your OC frofile in BIOS [Tools>Save Profile or similar] then reset to BIOS defaults and see if the system runs smoother... if so then it is very likely a OC setting that you have to troubleshoot. Good luck