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Is my graphics card dying? constant wacky colors/pixels

Level 7
Hey guys. I'm new here and by no means consider myself any kind of computer expert, and I've tried both Google and the forum search engine to find an existing thread on this issue but couldn't find anything really similar, so please bear with me.

I've had my G73SW for about a year now and have had some minor problems with it in the past (all of which I was able to find solutions to lurking these forums via Google), but now I can't seem to fix this newest issue. I first started noticing a problem with the graphics on my external monitor when plugging it into the HDMI port on the side of the laptop. One random day it started behaving in such a way that if the HDMI cord wasn't plugged in at a "proper" angle then the colors on the monitor would spazz out and go nuts, and if i pushed down/pulled up on the cord where it was connected it the laptop it would look fine. I eventually just stacked some peso coins under it to hold the cord up and keep it in a working position (and I still do). When this first started happening the graphics on the laptop screen were fine all the time, but then they started to go as well.

After a while, the laptop screen started doing the same kind of thing at random times, and I could fix it by simply tapping the keyboard or moving the machine slightly. That started about a week ago. Today it got to the point where the graphics are always messed up unless i press down firmly on a specific point at the bottom of the laptop when I have it on my lap in bed, and when I'm sitting at my desk using it it sometimes works fine and other times I need to tap/press down on it like in bed for the graphics to work properly.

I thought that maybe the motherboard or something might just be loose or some connections to the LCD weakening so I decided to disassemble and take a look inside, but at first glance nothing really looked wrong to me. Then I just made sure everything was lined up and in place firmly when I closed it up, and the problem persisted. Fwiw I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics card.

If it would help and I can get a hold of a camera I can take some pictures of exactly what my monitor/screen look like when they get messed up and exactly where I have to apply pressure to "fix" it when it does. Now I'm just starting to think the graphics card is on it's way out and I'll have to replace it, but if I can find some way to fix it that'd obviously be preferable. Thanks in advance for any help!


Level 12
Sounds like you either have a bad cable, or your HDMI port is faulty. Try a new cable, if that doesn't work you would prob have to send it out for repair (the laptop!).
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I thought at at first too and have yet to try it on my roommate's computer, but after my laptop screen started going screwy by itself when the monitor was unplugged I started to think that maybe it's some kind of hardware issue.