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is it working ? upload fail and .rbr fail

Level 8
is it still working ? or closed ?
i cant upload my result and cant take my .rbr file , i tired to take .rbr file but it doesnt work
how can i upload my result ?
realbench login is working but upload and cant take save upload file

Level 14
It has been like this for awhile now as you can see by other posts, as far as I know there has been no official word if RB will be continued or forgotten

Level 7
forgotten by the looks of it
System Score

Level 7
That actually suck. Was/is a great program.... 😞


I just had a look around and the place is deadish, then I thought I would go to my Aussie ROG site, well, just go and have a look

no visitors for either, ever! I reported that the Aussie site was having trouble with login problems, glad to see the IT people got off their butt to get another coldie out of the esky

at least my ROG Rampage V Edition 10 is still going grouse

p.s. I had to stop typing to tick the 'I'm not a robot' captcha all the time, what a joke!

p.p.s. The reason i did not upload my results to the AU ROG site was that it did not want to upload, and I tried dozens of times and told people and still nothing was done, so I just gave up, and so did everyone else. If we could have uploaded our results to the site, it might have been better, but no-one was interested on the ROG side to fix things, so it is their fault

Level 13
Its still available for download but any uploads have been non functional for quite some time. I think the guy running it is long gone. HWbot has its own version and listings. a few changes making it more demanding on resources. The scores up here have long since passed. Even I have blown the last #1 out of the water.