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Intel CPU undervolt G531GT

Level 7
Hi Guys, I owned a 2019 Asus ROG G531GT with a Intel CPU. I found that you could not used the intel utility manager to undervolt your CPU anymore. So I would like to ask that is there any way to undervolt the CPU now? What are the steps to be taken? Because currently the CPU temp when I was plaing CS GO was around 90 degrees, and it used to be only about 75 degrees when the CPU was being undervolted.

Level 8
Due to bios updates and microcode updates its alot more difficult to undervolt now. You need to downgrade bios to 306 I, and theres a windows update that breaks software undervolting (you will have to look into which one it is and how to remove it). After that you should be able to undervolt again.

Since asus hasnt released a Bios for the g531GT that has overclocking capabilities you can only do it with software, (I have been looking into a modded bios but no news on that front as of yet, although there is a 'Virtual Bios' that you could try, the developer uses a g531gt as well. He used it to install mac on his g531gt. I never got it working correctly however from what I understand rather then loading the windows bootloader, you load the virtual bios, then the virtual bios loads windows with whatever settings you changed in the Virtual Bios)

Ive uploaded the bios somewhere else you might be able to find it if you look for it.