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Intel Core i7 4790K temps

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have a ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO MoBo with Intel Core i7 4790K CPU.
I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 103 cooler sitting on the CPU ( I got it for free with the CPU ).

I have optimized defaults in BIOS, except I set XMP for RAM.

In Windows (even BIOS) when the CPU is idle, the temps are at 37-40 degrees. I noticed that when I played CS:GO, temps were around 60 degrees, maybe higher (I think I saw 70 there). I thought that is little too much for that game so I ran some Prime95 stress test and temps boosted to 90+. Someone wrote that the newer versions of Prime95 are a little bit more stressful for Haswell so I ran some AIDA64 test.

In seconds (maybe second) the temperature topped at 70+- degrees. Some of the cores were at 80 degrees.

Here is a image of the temps:

On intel's page the temperature before it's going to throttle is 72,5 degress I think.
Should I be worried? Maybe reapply thermal paste? Or is it normal?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hello izzer

Welcome to the ROG forum !

The 4790k does run hot, you're gaming temps are fine and no need to worry but if you want to reapply the thermal compound you could do that to see if you can get temps any lower.

I like to use the spread method when applying the thermal compound.

Clean off the old thermal compound with tissue or toilet paper, paper towels are too abrasive so don't use those. Then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to tissue and thoroughly clean the cpu and cooler.

Then add a dab about the size of a small pea and spread it evenly over the entire cpu. It is important it is a thin even layer so take your time. Install the cooler and you're done.

Did this help bring temps down any?

Hello Nate152,

thanks for your answer.

I was planning to reapply the thermal compound today anyway, so I'll do that and then report here the results.

I hope the temps will lower 'cause I read somewhere that people are getting much lower temps with air cooler than me. I would expect mine temperatures with the stock cooler, not with this big one. Some people have 25C when idle, even with air cooled system (max 60C in load).

I would consider buying Cooler Master Seidon 120v2 'cause I saw guy with this processor getting 25C+- when idle and 50C+- in load.

Do you think Cooler Master Seidon 120v2 is a good idea? If the temps are going to be like this even after reapplying the compound, I would very likely buy this one (or another water cooling).

Thanks for answer in advance.


Level 10
Hey Izzer,

The Seidon 120V (V for value) is an entry level AIO-liquid cooler, if you aren't planning to OC your system then the Seidon 120V2 would probably be sufficient. If you're planning to do some overclocking in the future then it's probably a good idea to consider their Nepton 120XL.


Level 7
Nate152: I've got some "pretty cheap" one. --> Evolveo K2.

InfernoStorm: Not going to do any OC in the near future. My case isn't any good for more like "single block" water cooling. I will buy better case and cooling when I will need to OC. 🙂 Anyway, thanks

You're welcome

See if temps are any better after reapplying the thermal compound.

I was going to suggest a 240mm radiator cooler but I see your case apparently doesn't support those. If you plan on upgrading later on to overclock you might just want to wait instead of buying now, your temps are fine as they are.

Get a case that supports at least a 240mm radiator.

Level 7

Reapplied the compoud. I managed to lower the temps by few degrees.

In idle: (Temps from AIDA64)
CPU: sometimes even 31C, 33-34C in idle (before it was 40+ on idle)
CPU Package: 37C
CPU IA Cores 35C
Cores 1-4: 32-36C

In load it is 66C +- (before it was 72C +-)

So you say these temps are totally safe? Okay, I may consider upgrading to the Seidon 120V ver.2, but no hurry - if the temps are safe for the CPU. 🙂


Level 7

thanks Nate152 and InfernoStorm.

I may buy the AIO-liquid cooler sometime, or just stick with this one. Who knows. Still - thank you guys.

Just played Killing Floor 2 for like 3 hours and temps were 50C +- (mostly lower than 50C).
AIDA64 stress test never made it to 70C, so I am happy for now.

Once again, thanks for helping me.