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Increase Voltage often ?

Level 7
I got a 11900k @ ROG Z590-A.

But i got some problem on it,
core speed at 5.0gb with offset +0.15v, LLC4 and c-state on, vcore usually between 1.36v-1.385v.
the maximum temperature up to 87'C, normally around 76'C.
And this computer used for gaming, not running for 7/24.

But I found something that is quite "abnormal".
Few month before, my voltage setting is -0.40v and stable.
But after about few weeks later, it become unstable, so I change the setting to -0.20v, and now it running good.
And few weeks later, it unstable again, so I setting to auto, and stable running.
Then, unstable again after few weeks, so +0.005v make it stable again.
And now, It needs +0.015v to kept if stable until yesterday...

So, I would like to ask here.
When overclocking, is it necessary to increase the voltage regularly like this?
I was checked up from another forum, it is necessary to rise the voltage by a period of time, such as at least 5 month,
never rise the voltage so "frequently".

At the meantime, I want to know, is that normal?
Or I should slow down the clock speed or keeping increase the voltage like this.

After my little test,
the unstable not coming from memory/gpu.

Super Moderator

No, this isn't normal practice. It would be best if you found a value that the system is actually-stable at.

The most plausible answer is the overclock is conditional at all values listed above. Try lowering the frequency to 4.9 and see if the issue persists.
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