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i9 7920 OC: what are your thermals and how are you cooling?

Level 8
I've been building my own PC's for some years now and dabbled some in overclocking but never too seriously as i have not been watercooling until the past few years. My latest build was a big upgrade from what i was using and equipment is as per my profile,; i really wanted something that would suit my gaming, video editing, software dev and data processing needs for some years to come . Totally disgusted at hardware costs right now!!! The biggest topic has been miners causing a drought in GPU's but i found it way harder to get a suitable PSU than anything else (searched for about 2 weeks to find anything over 1000w) but that is another topic......
I do a bit of 4k video editing with PP and do a lot of data processing of astronomical images working with large data sets that can be hugely RAM and CPU hungry when processing data (normally stacks of up to 100 32MB data files simultaneously) so i thought i would build myself a pretty substantial unit. Initially the i9 7920 chips look slow at just 2.9GHz but when you then consider the number of cores you are working with and the turbo boost you can get it is really quite a good fit for my needs but still i dont want to wait forever data processing and thought i might as well overclock it (i got a pre binned chip guaranteed for 4.6 GHz) and managed to quite easily push it up to 4.5GHZ (4.6 on the best 2 cores) without much issue at all other than a bit of upset with AISuite and the Asus/Intel extreme tweaking software which all seemed to conflict with my bios settings and caused a lot of headaches: mostly with trying to uninstall things!
What i have found with these i9 chips however is that they seem to run insanely hot or perhaps i am doing something wrong. The overclock seems pretty stable for as much as i can test it but i am really struggling with thermals when i try to stress test properly. I run a dual loop system and have an EK XRES 140 to an EK monoblock cooler and that to a 360 x 60mm rad which should be more than enough to cool the system and allow overclocking but once i start stress testing my core temps just rocket and slowly creep up over 5 minutes to the point that my stress test shuts down due to high core temps: i am using OCCP for testing and logging and actually see regular spikes to 90°C and higher before this and seem to have a huge temperature spread over the cores with some reading as low as 65°C while others can read as high as 90°C.
Are there others of you overclocking this particular combo and if so what temps are you getting and what OC settings are you using and what cooling solution do you have? I have dual 1080Ti GPU't in SLI which i can OC and stress test all day long without them getting over 50°C on a 480 x 40mm rad and i am really struggling to see why i suffer so badly with my CPU core temps.

Level 7
That's why you usually don't use software unless you are a pro overclocker. Ai Suite is meh. XTU nah. If you want software to OC from Windows to more quickly test settings try TurboV Core for X299 google it.
I haven't read the whole wall of text but I used search to find "delidded" in your text. Couldn't find it. Expect no great things without a delidded chip. You can slap as many radiators on your CPU as you want, the heat is still trapped between die and heatspreader due to Intels bird poop toothpaste TIM. I have a 7920X that did 4.6G undelidded. Should be possible with almost all those chips. Try 1.850 input, Vcore adaptive mode negative offset -0.045. You should probably see stability there. You can try higher input to like 1.900v. Also if you use AVX software have a play with the AVX offsets. Undelidded you need like 3 or 4 offset. Undelidded is so tricky because heat makes these chips so much more unstable.

Thanks for your feedback. I gave up using the software tools for doing the OC pretty quickly, especially after i noticed that there was a 15°C difference in temp reported for the CPU by the Asus software and by HWiNFO or any other monitoring software. As you guessed i have not delidded although i am aware most people note that the use of the poor TIM compounds issues. I had seen some users running stable temps of around 76°C but there was no mention whether they had delidded or not other than one by Der8aure where i s presumed it must have been especially with just a 240mm rad. I had looked at delidding but have never attempted it before and wanted to exhaust any other options i might have before going down that route but with these CPU's it seems like the way most are going to get good results. I will give the settings you suggested a try and see if that gives me any improvement.
How much of a range did you have on your core temperatures? I kind of expected the temps to be bunched a little closer together but i have quite a large range with anything from 65°C to 85°C (i doubt using the stock TIM that came with the monoblock helps).

Level 14
Where did you obtain a binned CPU without being delidded?
I would suspect maybe get better TIM and check the mono block mount, they inherently cannot give as good contact as a CPU only block. I admit they do look very nice
4.5 GHZ is a very good 24/7 overclock for a 7920 - 7980 if you have the cooling capacity, don't forget to set AVX and AVX 512 offsets

I got my CPU from OCUK and at the time there were no details on what they considered was "pre binned" . I did have another check after your comment and they have put more details up but they are still pretty vague as to exactly what they did other than testing and guaranteeing the speed. They mention delidding in conjunction with their best ones which end up in their own high end PC's but don't specifically state anywhere that the ones they are selling you are delidded or if they were what TIM they may have used. I would have thought if they used a liquid metal then there would be a warning with it that it would need delidding in the future to replace it?
I tried the settings that CSN7 suggested and have seen some improvement which is keeping the core temperatures below 85 °C although i still have a differential across cores of around 20°C which seems excessive to me. I am awaiting delivery of a different coolant tomorrow as what i have in right now is not really suitable for long term use and i will replace the TIM on the monoblock when i drain the loop for the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as that has more than double the thermal capacity of the stock EK TIM from what i can see. If that does not show significant improvement then i may consider the liquid metal route.