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i9-14900k + Corsair H150i Link RGB, throttling at 100°C under stress test

Level 7

Hello, I've just installed a i9-14900k CPU with Corsair 6000mhz Ddr5 and Corsair AIO liquid cooler H150i RGB LINK 360mm conected to CPU_Fan header of an Asus Strix Z790F Gaming wifi II motherboard.

Fan config is 3x120 pushing out heat from top mounted radiator, 3x120 on front pulling fresh air and 1x120 back pushing air out of the case. All fans connected to Corsair LINK processing unit.

With just XMP enabled (and no other changes from the BIOS default settings) I get the CPU throttling at 100'C under Intel stress test.
I pretty confident cooling mounting is ok so I'm concerned by such high temp.

When using Windows11 normally, the CPU temp is around 40'C with 22'C in the room.

Is there something in the BIOS I can do to fix the issue or to understand which could be the problem?

Other specs:
Case is a Cooler Master TD500 mesh V2.
2x M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1T
2x SATA3 4TB

Power supply Corsair Hx1000i
Graphics MSI NVIDIA 3060Ti 8G


Level 7

you have a lot of options to do here,

1. undervolt

2. limit the maximum wattage to 253 as per intel specs, asus tends to overshoot.

3. tune the cpu by using load line calibration.