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i9-13900k with Z790 Maximum Hero

Level 7

Hi, i am here about bios settings, 
I tried following people recommendations
Reset to default
Put ram xmp to tweaked
Put bios optimized multicore enhancements
AI Overclock for the performance and efficient cores frequencies
Undervolt 0.075 via offset 
I found that the AI optimized frequencies cause me to become very unstable  
Is there any recommendation on this part?


Level 7

Ram is z5 trident from gskill

Level 7

Forgot to mention that i also changed my llc to lvl 5
and it still was unstable 
Also having svid best case is unstable for me as well

And my goal is - get performance while reducing temps ( as i think everyone want this )

Level 7

so far i just increased ram voltage to 1.42(real 1.425) from 1.40(real 1.41)
to keep ram stable at 7200 (had issues with ram at 7200, reduced to 7000 mhz, was stable, 
decided to up voltage a little to check if this helps keep 7200, will play with timings later)

Right now running stable with this modifications to original bios

xmp tweaked

enforce all limits, disable mce, disable adaptive boost

typical case for svid, 

1.42v on ram

teied doing even 0.05 under volt on cpu, wasn’t stable 

Level 7

Ok, so after using it, i am reverted back to full auto
disabled mce, disabled abt, and xmp tweaked with reduced speed from 7200 to 7000
if you have any recommendations on how i can gain performance / reduce temps ( they are not as bad as with mce and abt, but still cooler is better ) 
i am awaiting your answers 🙂 

Level 7

So after running cinebench a lot of times i found out that
i can sustain -0.025 undervolt
having svid on intel fail safe is a must to pass bencmarks that load all your cores ( at least for me )
but i haven't had issues in games -> so now i have a dilemma 
do i keep svid on auto as it was before and ignore that i crash on benchmarks OR
keep it on intel failsafe but get higher VCore and temps? 

Super Moderator

Hi @Glement 
Are you able to check your CPU SP scoring in the UEFI?

If you clear the CMOS and don't apply any changes (this includes XMP or any other form of overclocking), does the system pass Cinebench?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090