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i9-12900k - where is the issue?

Level 8

Hey fellow OCers.
I overclocked 3 12900Ks so far, always relying on same setup:
ASUS Z690 Formula with a Corsair Elite Cappellix (360) AIO in a Push/Pull-Config with industrial fans (Cooler rating of 174). Always having the same goal: Max out all-core performance at reasonable temps (mostly using this system for deep learning), always going for 50/40 for the cores.

All temps i mention are in Celsius.

Now i got this new i9-12900k, pretty comparable P-Core SP value of 94. But somehow, I don't get this one sample to reasonable temps.

Running with a VCore on 1.252 under full load, using the regular XTU stress test (not going to Cinebench testing before I can't get even this easier stressing done under reasonable temps), i got a now and then a thermal throttling and package spikes up to 96 with an average of 89 for the package).

Experience-wise, with these tests and such a voltage and comparable power draw for the whole package (210 Watts), these temps should be a lot lower. Especially considering another fact: My other, lower temp overclocks involved also memory ocing - this build using a high density memory not in the QVL, running even below the bord's auto settings - with a clock of just 3800. 

I'm thinking and thinking... first i suspected the AIO or its attachement. The BIOS showed me a Cooler Rating of 174 - anyway I replaced the thermal paste (switching from MX4 to Kryonaut), properly reseated the AIO - no change. I recalibrated the cooler in BIOS - about the same cooler rating, so i think we can exclude the AIO as source of problem here (correct me if I'm wring).

So the only thing that's left: Either i simply oversee something, something that i simply forgot since my last OC, some dramatical changes happened during the last few BIOS updates (I doubt, but who knows) or - probably my CPU has any issue. Something that might bring up any idea: When I try to scan the V/F curves using XTU, i get a throttling during the scan. 

Temperature of air in: between 21 and 24 C.

Anybody got any idea?