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i9-10920X Multiplier won't go over 35

Level 7
Hi everyone, I have a Asus Rampage VI Extreme encore and i9-10920x, when i go into the bios and set sync all cores then 40 or anything over 35 it stays saved but the speed always stays at 3500mhz. i can go down to 30 or 32 and it saves and works just nothing over 35. Cpu-z, and even in the bios is says core ratio 40 but speed 3500mhz, the only thing to make the 3500 change is to under clock it, that works great lol. Turbo, speedstep etc. are all off or on, or a mix. I tried them all, bios flash to one older. I was starting to think its a locked cpu but It is a 10920X and everything i read says its not locked

Level 40
Do you have the slow mode switch on? Strange power plan settings?

Just checked, all board switches are in off position. cleared and flashed bios and only changed core ratio, still only 3.5ghz