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i9 10900k undervolt

Level 7
Hi, I am trying to undervolt my CPU as much as possible without power limits and underclocking.

PC specs:
i9 10900k SP:106
Asus Rog Maximus Hero z590
G.Skill. 2x16GB DDR4 3600MHZ F4-3600C16-16GTZNC SK Hynix
Corsair H100X AIO with a very silent custom profile

So far I tried -0.125V CPU Core/Cache Voltage offset(LLC:2) and it seems stable. But when I try a lower offset value I get BSOD's while my computer is idle. I also tried setting V/F point offsets. (See the images below)

My current settings:

Do you think this is the limit? Is there any other option for tuning?

Level 7
Nate152 wrote:
Hi Suicidal,

Welcome to the ROG forum.

What is happening is....

When you use a negative offset to lower the voltage, it also lowers the idle voltage, hence your BSOD's at idle.

With your negative offset of -0.125v, what does maximum voltage show under load and idle, and what are maximum temps?

Your cpu temp is great at 24c in the bios, any reason you want/need less voltage?

Hi. Yeah I know that is why I am trying V/F point offset instead. See the last image for voltage and temp readings.
I am trying to reduce power consumption without losing performance. Thanks.

Yes sorry, I removed my previous reply.

Your minimum and maximum voltages look good, if it's BSODing at idle with more offset, it's a sign you may have reached the idle voltage limit.

10 cores at 5.1GHz with a maximum of 1.199v is very good, cpu package temp shows a maximum of 59c, again very good.

Idle voltage at .696v looks good, because of 10 cores you may have found the limit.

So, what I think you're trying to do is to see if you can get a lower maximum voltage while under load.

Does trying LLC at 0 or 1 give you a lower maximum voltage, and is it stable?

your pic - 97347

Level 7
Tried to run cinebench 23 with LLC1 but I got BSOD during benchmark. I think I should increase V/F point 5 and/or 6 voltage offset for LLC1. I can't see LLC0 in BIOS. Is it same as Auto? Do you think enabling SVID with best-case scenario affects undervolt positively? Thanks for your help.

You're welcome,

With your testing, you may have found the minimum and maximum voltages for 5.1GHz.

Although, you can see if you can manually fine tune the voltage lower.

You're at 1.199v for 5.1GHz.

You could manually enter in say 1.195v - 1.190v in the "Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage", set LLC to level 4. If you're not already at the lowest maximum voltage for 5.1GHz, you're awfully close.

Best case scenario should help keep the maximum voltage close to what you set in the bios, LLC affects maximum voltage too. The goal is to have the maximum voltage the same is what you set in the bios.

pic - 97348

Level 7
Tried 1.190V "Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage" while LLC is 4 but power consumption and temperatures are increased. After that reverted LLC back to 2 with the same additional turbo mode voltage and I got a better result.


Level 7
Should I switch to LLC 3 or LLC 4 in order to have maximum voltage same as what I set in the BIOS? I think I can go lower V/F point offset voltages with a higher LLC.