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i7 9700K Overclocking help

Level 7

A few days ago I build my first gaming pc and am now trying to overclock my i7 9700k. I read a few guides and watched a few videos and based on them I overclocked my CPU. I also tried Asus AI Overclocking, which in my case seemed very unstable and caused a BSOD. I think that I have now found stable settings for my CPU, but I am not sure if they are safe or risky in the long term.

Intel i7 9700k
Corsair h115i pro intake pull 2x14
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16 - 3200
Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB
WD Black 6TB
Corsair HX850i

(Updated) Overclock Results:
All cores stable at 5GHz at 1.310V LLC 6
Temps peak at 72c during Cinebench (1529 score)
Temps peak at 80c during XTU (3248 Marks)
Temps peak at 71c on 3DMark (13 793)

(Updated working) Bios Settings:
XMP II @ 3200
MultiCore Enhancement - OFF
SVID Behavior: Best-Case Scenario (lowered temps by 8c)
BCLK: 100
Sync all cores at 50
AVX Negative Offset: Auto(0)
Load Line Calibration: 6
Power/Current: max
Adaptive Voltage: 1.310

For testing: -(AVX) IntelBurnTestV2 @ High 20 Runs (94c max)
-(non-AVX)Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - 15 mins (70c max)

I would like to know what you guys would change about my oc settings, bc I basically dont really know what all the settings do...
Maybe -3/2 AVX or a higher Adaptive Voltage?

TIL: If you are using adaptive voltages, you have to use balanced power settings in windows.

Level 7
I'm a really inexperienced overclocker and shouldn't be giving advice, but I also have a Z390-F and an i7-9700K and I found that going below 1.340 V on adaptive didn't actually lower anything. Are you running something like CPU-Z or HWINFO64 to see what core voltage you get under load? Also, 1.150V sounds unrealistically low. For comparison, I can't get stable below a manual setting of 1.315 V and that's only at 4.9 GHz.

Yeah, I noticed pretty much the same (voltages always above 1.3). I thought it was staying at such high voltages, because of the set llc of 5-6. Atm I don't run any oc on my CPU, since I only saw very little performance gains in benchmarks/games and the always high voltages made me kind of uncomfortable...
Thanks for your input though 🙂

Level 8
there is nothing risky or unsafe on your settings
just check out your IO and SA voltages in BIOS or HW Monitor if they are at default values because "auto" pushes a lot of voltage, you should have 0,95V on IO and 1,05V on SA - if not, correct it in BIOS by setting these values manually 🙂

Alright, will set the IO and SA voltages manually.
Thanks for your feedback 🙂