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i7-8700K + Asus Prime z370-A + H100i v2

Level 7
Hey Everyone,

Well I have been doing a bunch of research these past weeks on Overclocking and the pros vs cons. I have seen a bunch of tutorials and read guides to try and understand this art. I have looked at der8auer OC Guide and videos, Jayztwocents, Bossted Media and Bitwits youtube channels. I have learned quite a bit and I want to continue to learn more as I go.

Well enough blabbing. I think I might be in a good spot for my OC with my setup. I am only trying to hit 4.7GHZ at the moment until I learn a little more of the ins and outs. I have attached images of what I have changed in my BIOS. Sorry for the LQ Pictures. I am also attaching the numbers using HWinfo64 after running a stress test with RealBench.

Cinebench Score for 4.7GHZ: 1530, Single Core: 206

Average Temps on H100i V2 Fan=Balanced, Pump=Quiet : 70 Degrees Celsius

Pretty happy since stock numbers where giving me a 1301.

I would love to hear what anyone has to say and if they can make any recommendations on how to better improve. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Level 12
You do know that the max turbo freq for this chip is 4.7GHz right? So 4.7 really wouldn't be considered an OC.

What was your actual Vcore while under full load?
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Vcore was at 1.23