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I7-6850k / Rampage V Edition 10 OC help needed.

Level 7
Hi, I know this is an old system now, but we have an R5E10 / i7-6850k, with an ekwb mono block, 420mm rad, 6x140mm fans in push/pull custom loop.
This is my housebound disabled partner ‘s gaming machine, we can’t afford to just buy something to replace it.

It was set to 4.2ghz for the last few years, & still holds its own generally.
Gaming wise it’s been pretty good, still outperformed many newer setups in loadup time & play smoothness, on a specific game. *

I know that a stable OC of 4.4 or higher helps with stuttering & freezing on auto save.

I have been attempting many times in the last few days, to push it up a bit, but I’m now worried I’ve possibly degraded it yesterday, while trying adaptive, as my previously tested & stable profile (4.3ghz I found on Saturday) now BSODs with varying causes.

Anyone who can help, it would be massively appreciated.