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i7-6700k setting voltage on manual or adaptive without overclocking

Level 7
Hi, i'm from Argentina and i need to solve this:

I have an i7-6700k and the voltage set to auto is a little bit high i think (1.264v~1.284v) at stock clocks without turbo boost and everything on auto. I want to lower this voltage but i don't know how to do it. Should i set the voltage on manual at 1.2v (i'm not planning on doing any OC or use turbo boost) or should i set adaptive mode at 1.2v with + offset at 0.064v with llc on auto? When i run Pime95 Small fft test with adaptive mode set that way my peak voltage is 1.2v and it was stable for 1 hour without any problems, same with manual mode. What shoul i do? Please help me! Thanks!

P.D.: I attach a picture of how i set the voltage.
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Level 13
Are you having heat issues?
If not 1.284 is fine.

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Level 12
On adaptive my 6700K voltage is 1.232 max. 1.284 is fine.
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Thanks for the replies. Then i should leave it on auto? I'm having heat spikes if the voltage is set on auto, these spikes will go lower if I set it to manual at 1.2v or adaptive at 1.2v offset 0.064v. Do you think these spikes are due to the Hyper Threading bug or the voltage itself is causing it?
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Level 7
Heat spikes ? what cooler are you using ?

Off set works for me.. I think am using -0.035 on my 6600K with an OC of 4.4k ( still peaks around 1.312 V )

Anyways you use offset mode. with the setting on auto. Check what voltage your CPU is demanding. Then change the AUTO setting to 0.25 plus mode. Reboot check if the spikes or lower. Keep doing this untill you crash. Then go back 1 step and you should be golden.
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