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I7-4930k on Rampage Extreme IV

Level 7
Dear colleagues, I would like to ask you if this behavior it's normally or it's a problem with my I74930k procc.

My processor remain in 8% usage for 5-7 minutes after he loads all processes. I don't know how I7-4930k Sync all processors, but i have in Bios option with Sync all Processors and is enabled and set to auto. After windows 7 ultimatum 64bit loading all my processes ( AV, and rest of the processes ) I can observe how on all my 12 cores ( physical and virtual ) a line that it goes on each core, after a line remain up on 1 core, it goes to another core and doing this for all 12 cores. After this my processor remain in 0% usage that means it's ok.

So my question is how Intel I7-4930k Sync All Processors, it's that line that is going on each processor? Or it's from the MOBO ? How can i correct this ?

I have a MOBO: Rampage Extreme IV.


Source: Corsair 850W
Processor: Intel I7-4930k 3.4 GHZ ( No Overclock )
MOBO: Asus Rampage Extreme IV 2011 socket
RAM: 16GB 2400 MHZ
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB ( Only for Windows )
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB ( Application )
HDD: Segate 1 TB 64mb 7200/rpm ( Windows TEMP Files and others )
Video: Gainward GTX 760 2GB SLI
Video: Gainward GTX 760 2GB SLI

Level 7
Your Motherboard and CPU are both working correctly. There is something in the operating system using your CPU.

If you are using Windows, Open Task Manager and go to the Processes tab. Inside the Processes tab you can see CPU usage for all Applications and Services.

Hi, and thank you for your time.
The thing is that I have no processes loaded and still remaining at 8%. It will go at 0% after that line is checking or performing on all cores, and I don't know how to called. I was thinking to change my thermal past and see after is doing same behavior, or there are some option from MOBO that i can skip those kind of checks ( cores sync check ? if applied ).

I am using windows 7 and believe me I have 32 processes only after optimization and disable most of services that i don't use

Level 7
I am not home right now, but i will come with screenshots when I will arrive home.
The point is that I don't know how I7-4930k sync all cores, in which way ? Is the way with that line from Task Manager that is going to all cores and check them by giving them something to work for 3-5 min and then goes to 0%, or it's because I also move some TEMP files from windows ( in order to not be cached on SSD anymore ) can affect this ?

I will try also to change the thermal past maybe can be the cause ?

So nobody had this issue till now ?
Someone know if I7_4930k has a routine check for each core at windows logon ?

Level 13
"Sync all cores" is a BIOS setting that applies the same multiplier to all 6 cores. The alternative is to apply a different core clock multiplier depending on the number of cores active. BIOS does this before entering the OS.

I think the activity you see in Task Manager occurs as Windows activates all its drivers and default services. Even when there are no applications running, Windows opens and starts many of its internal services. Some application processes start automatically, such as antivirus software. See the Processes and Services tabs in Task Manager. All those shown as "Running" were started by the sort of activity you see just at OS boot. Activity drops to 0% as it should when all that initialization finishes.


That's exactly what I said but in more words. :rolleyes: