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I need help with Bios Z790 Hero + i9-13900K + 192 GB RAM ( CMK192GX5M4B5200C38(Ver 3.53.02) )

Level 7


I bought this spec and was getting 1000's of RAM errors on OCCT and memtest ,.

Update Bios to latest one , working on defaults , RAM is ok 32hrs testing Pass.

But .. Im still getting some CPU errors on OCCT.

Is usually when I start doing something then like 1000-2000 errors appear in OCCT every time is relating to specific physical core but core is usually random depend when I run the test.

From what I seen online some settings on voltage might help - but I have no idea where to change and what.

Im not into heavy overclocking - I need stability... XMP's are set to auto , with Profile I or II lot off error pops up on memtest but it was before bios update.

Can anyone please help me with this ?