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I'm looking fo an in depth guide about the AMD overclocking BIOS settings page

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I've set mine up using this guide but am looking for a comprehensive guide that offers a deeper understanding of each of the settings and how they interact with one another. Any suggestions?

Hi Thick8,

It might be better to research the individual settings you're unsure of, then you'll have a better understanding of the overclocking guide.

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Most of the settings in the CBS menu and beyond offer very little benefit, this platform largely overclocks itself once PBO is enabled. It really depends on your intended workload as to where you'll find benefits.

Most performance can be found by tuning memory frequency and timings due to the increased latency of the chiplet design, as well as using the curve optimiser to bring down the voltage ceiling. How far you can run a negative offset depends on the CPU.
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As you've discovered there's a lot of settings. From my experience, most of them aren't really needed to help and many of them are interrelated; making a change to one doesn't help, or even hurts if not setting another. Also, how controls work depends on specific generation of Ryzen and whether it's a CPU or an APU.

The best approach is to following guides (as you found) and limit adjustments to what they're saying. It's especially important to follow along with the guides' explanation of the principles.

And read several guides, not just one. And watch youtube videos...several.

Once you've played around ask specific questions concerning controls you're wondering about.

I am also looking for an in depth guide about the AMD overclocking BIOS settings page and thanks to you for sharing that website link with us. I will surely gonna visit to that website.