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How to undervolt an i7-6700K for HTPC use

Level 8
Windows Media Center PC running 24/7 for years and years now...thinking I would like to play with the Asus Gene VIII MB BIOS settings and see if I can make it a tad more optimized voltage wise for it's currrent and future life recording and playing back TV shows. Currently, it's basically stock Auto everything settings, with stock base speed 2133 RAm to boot. I don't need max performance, just want to get this to run at a voltage range below that of my 4.7GHz OC i9-9900K which is locked all cores at 1.18v.

I tried adaptive stuff with my i9-9900K Code XI but I culd never figure it out and always had issues so I am not really well versed on anything other than manually locking all core speeds for CPU and cache and manually setting a stable low voltage. For this HTPC, I just want the voltages lowered across the board with the ability to be stable transcoding a TV news clip to h265 in handbrake every now and then. Suggestions on settings or 7 year old how to guides on this?