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How to set Voltage Offset for "CLR (CBo/LLC/Ring) Overclocking" aka "LLC/Ring Offset"

Level 8
I'm only able to set this Voltage Offset of "CLR (CBo/LLC/Ring) Overclocking" (as seen in hwinfo64) aka "LLC/Ring Offset" (as seen in hwmonitor) by using Intel XTU, as can be seen in the screenshots in my other thread here:

However, I want to find out what's the equivalent setting(s) in the ASUS BIOS (of motherboard Prime Z370-A) which can cause a change in the above-mentioned LLC/Ring Voltage Offset. Note: apparently, it's NOT CPU Core/Cache Voltage - Offset Mode (or, at least, not just that one)

Does anyone know how, please?



Currently, IA Offset and GT Offset show as 0 because Intel XTU isn't modifying them, but instead they are set in BIOS(see my other thread) as CPU Core/Cache Voltage - Offset Mode and CPU Graphics Voltage - Offset Mode, and when set this way in BIOS, they show as 0V in Windows/hwmonitor. However, I KNOW that LLC/Ring Offset(seen in hwmonitor) either isn't set by BIOS, or something more needs to be changed to get the same results(power consumption-wise and temperature-wise, this difference of 3-5 Celsius (and 14W at socket - not shown) is seen in my other thread) as I would get with just using Intel XTU which is when {IA, GT and LLC/Ring} offsets show as non-zero values in hwmonitor.