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How to fix Asus Maximus VI Extreme from double booting?

Level 7
If PC is just used and I will shut down -> turn on -> it doesn't double boot. Just when I first time turn it on and it's "cold".
If I have eveything default on BIOS, it's not double booting, but this is OC motherboard, so I exept it works without problems then.

There is pics from all my BIOS settings:

I also tested BCLK Frequency default, DRAM Frequency 1333MHz with 1,5V.
I tested all BIOS versions and every time reset CMOS.
I also tested lower Core Ratio Limit.

Some times when I shut down the PC, keyboard light still left on, but when I again start PC -> shut down, the keyboard light get off. That problem with defauld BIOS settings too.

I do not expect these types of problems so expensive motherboard.
Is this problems normal or can I change the motherboard to new one because I have warranty?

Seasonic 1000W power supply, 4770K works normal on my other PC's.

Level 7
Can somebody help with that?

Level 40
Hi Jabra 🙂

Sorry your first post seems to have been missed...

When you shut down your computer are you turning power off completely or using ErP? Or using a BCLK that is not default? The double boot on "cold boot" is actually normal on these boards when OCing or using BCLK values that are not default...the board needs to make sure it is resetting for memory training talking to the CPU.etc. so I don't think there is actually anything wrong...

Level 13

As Arne has wrote the double boot is normal for non-default UEFI settings. To disable power to the USB ports when shut down you need to enable ErP in the motherboard's UEFI. This requires a compatible ErP certified power supply and will disable charging capabilities of the USB ports when the system is powered down.

Level 7
Asus told it's normal if my motherboard double boot EVERY time when I press power on, but it's not working like that.
It doesn't double boot, if I go to Start - Shutdown -> Power On after 5 minutes...

So it's not gettings any "real OC settings" or anything like that, because then it would start with warm thought out double time too.

Level 40
Not sure I understand your post well but assuming we have understood what you are trying to say...the board has a "memory" if you like....if you power down and back on within a short time the settings don't need resetting. A "warm boot" if you like. If you leave it longer....which is what a "cold boot" is... it needs to reset...basically the board resets when and if it needs to...

Level 7
That what I mean.
But I don't understand why mobo save settings only to warm time.
I can take my socket out from wall, but it still doesn't make double boot if it's used 10min ago with same settings.
So it's not normall it just double boot when it's cold. It's not saving settings to temporary memory and if it saves OC settings to BIOS, why it double boot just when it's cold... BIOS memory take many years settings....

BUT the good information:
I send my mobo to warranty and they test it and it was broken, Asus send me new revision next week 🙂