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How to enter Safe Mode?

Level 7
OK, this is a dumb noob question ...

I've had my G75VW-AS71 for about 4 months now - it's sweet! But I seem to have picked up some ransom-ware; claiming to be from the FBI, saying it has locked and encrypted my hard drive, and I must pay $300 to "MoneyPak" to get my computer back! :mad:

I want to enter Safe Mode to try and get rid of that nonsense, but I don't see how to do that - or to even enter the system setup ...

When I power it on, the machine displays the Republic Of Gamers logo, and then the Win-7 (64-bit) start-up logo.

I have tried pressing F8 repeatedly during the entire start-up process (ROG and Win logos) but Windows just starts.

How the heck do I start the machine in Safe Mode? :confused:


Level 15

Hi Chino,

Thanks for the response. Just as I got your reply, I was able to get the safe mode menu by repeatedly pressing F8 a bit slower than I was before. FWIW, about twice per second seems to be the rate that works.

Unfortunately, both SAFE MODE and SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING have been precluded by the ransom-ware. After logging into either of these, an immediate shutdown is forced.

I have been able to get into SAFE MODE WITH COMMAND LINE, but I don't know if that will allow me to fix the problem ... We'll see!

Thanks again!

Level 15
tricky one.

If you're familiar with command line, you can manually navigate to the malware files and delete them. Or try to bring up explorer.exe. If all fails, get one of those Linux or WinXP Live CDs. 😉