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How to disable RAM overclocking (question)

Level 7

Hello, I have an Z390 chipset and want to run it at intel specification, so no ram or cpu "tweaks".

I have recently installed ddr4 2666 ram and my cpu supports up to 2400 so i expected that it will choose JEDEC profile with 2400 but it runs at 2666, is this some ram controller oc from asus? 

(I haven't change any ram setting in uefi and xmp is turned off)

How can i disable it?

As far i know the mainboard "tweaks" also the cpu power limit and runs beside intel specification, thats why i ask you if this is also happening with ram. 

I bought an Z390 chipset because of its hardware features not because i am interested in oc.

Thank you for your help



Hello user3557,


Have you reset the bios to defaults (F5 key)? 

It's possible your memory is plug and play at 2666MHz? Please list your memory kit.

While the cpu supports 2400MHz by default, it can run memory much faster.

Your Z390 motherboard should be rated to run 4266MHz memory, so anything up to 4266MHz is perfectly fine. 

I personally would keep it at 2666MHz, dropping to 2400MHz will be a slight performance loss.