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Hivizman's Efficiency Competition

Level 40
Greeting fellow ROG's.

Some of you old timers will recall the contests I used to host a few years ago here on ROG. They were just for fun, no prizes at all, and open to anyone. So I am thinking that we need to have another such contest. One that will allow AMD and Intel platforms to go head to head and improve each one of our understanding of the platforms that we use.

So let me be clear. We are not talking sub-zero cooling here. We are not talking extreme overclocking here. What we are talking is fine tuning, optimising our systems, getting the most out of what we have.

So post up if you are up for this and if I see enough folks interested will get it going.

Four benchmarks.

CPU based no graphic card benchmarks sorry. Just too many and too difficult to handicap. CPU's will be capped at a frequency or a particular score. :cool: Will make sense when I list the details.
Handicap system
Single thread and multi thread benchmarks.
Memory optimising is going to be key. Not high frequency as there will be a cap.

Air cooled and water cooled - nothing below ambient allowed.

So are you up for it. I expect all my old mates to be in this contest and as many of the newer guys do join in. We had heaps of fun last time just ask Arne, Menthol, Dartmaul and all the others that took part.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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Subconsciously trying to save the world?
(Revelation 6:1-2)

Level 10



Level 40

Good going can almost see the brush strokes ...maybe some LOD tweaks will get that time down...

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When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come and see!” I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.
(Revelation 6:7-8)

Level 40
Oh man..that's considerably harder to draw...

I only got as far as the lamb opening the fourth seal...then you edited the post 😉


well over 5 minutes

Level 11
Hey guys I haven't been around as long as you have, so what kinds of competitions are you talking about? And teams or individuals?

Also, when you describe water cooling are you including AIO glycol based systems?

I know little about overclocking either, so what does the whet-your-appetite speech look like?

Level 40
Viz has organised quite a few...individual..pairs, we'll see I guess

Yeah AIO is watercooling...just about LOL:o

The whole point of these was learning the trade....we all shared tips and tricks and way to learn! You'll be overvolting the kitchen toaster in no time!

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Arne noo
I meant your white horse with flies ))

But I like your new drawing )) pale is the name, death is his game

Rockford wrote:
Arne noo
I meant your white horse with flies ))

But I like your new drawing )) pale is the name, death is his game

Yeah, I got you...I'm just messing about 😄

Merry Christmas all!


Level 40