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Hivizman - Brazilian Carnival Challenge

Level 40
Roll up roll up it is Brazilian Carnival Time at ROG


Beautiful Rio and on the 12th June the Beautiful Game will kick off. Yes it is time for World Cup 2014 Brazil.

So many reasons to love Brazil and football.

But we are Benchers not overpaid footballers. So lets get benching.

This challenge will run during the entire World Cup 2014 and end at the final whistle.

The Benchmarks


3DMark FireStrike

Super Pi 1 & 32mil

ROG Realbench V2

Each bencher must choose a participating team as their playing partner, select a number between 1 and 31 and post up that number when you indicate you are going to be doing the Samba with us here on ROG. First come first serve this is a blind selection and no swapping out allowed. Brazil is taken as that is the Challenge Partner. The reason why will become apparent as you keep reading.

Rules and Limitations

  • No sub ambient benching
  • HWBOT submission rules apply
  • Official wallpaper must be used
  • Photo of your benching rig with first submission
  • Same hardware and frequency for all benchmark
  • Handicapping will apply depending on hardware used*
  • Weekly bonus points for submissions
  • Quarter final shoot out 5 bonus points
  • Semi Final shoot out 10 bonus points
  • Final shoot out 15 bonus
  • World Cup winner 20 bonus points**

Wall paper is supplied by our resident creative boffin and my friend Chris. Link added


*Handicapping will be based on the HWBOT hardware index for each benchmark.
**Best first time participant will receive additional bonus points depending on Brazil's final position.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.
322 REPLIES 322

Level 13
Thanks Menthol for Keeping the scores tallied up.
Great benching everyone. Was fun for sure.
Till the next time guy's
Keep it cool 🙂

Level 40
Nice roundup Menthol! Well done all 😄 Cheers Viz :cool:

Level 18
Awesomeness .. I'm all sweaty ... Lov learn'n me a thing or two .. I saw lots this time around .. thnx All .. and Viz. Salute. .c.