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High CPU temperature on G750 JX withour any tweaking or overclocking

Level 7
Hi, I own a G750 JX which I've had problems with ever since i bought it.
I did send it in for repair due to the fact that my brand new laptop will, when running at full CPU utilization ( Which I've tested for months with OCCT, every time the test immediately skyrockets to about 95-98 degrees Celsius. but since the laptop has the automatic clock feature it never runs over that temperature because the CPU gets clocked down to minimum.
And when the laptop was tested at the Asus partner service location they said it was fine, and that these computers are supposed to be able to run at 90+ degrees Celsius. And they sent the laptop back to me with a bill for shipping and diagnostics time spent.

So my question on this forum is, is it actually true that these computers, out of the box, is not able to run at maximum auto. clock speed without overheating?
And are they supposed to stay at around 95 degrees Celsius under duress?

attached are a random OCCT test I ran right now, and the clock speed which is noted on the test is not accurate since the CPU is actively changing the clock speed during the test.