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Help with watercooling Asus Maximus VI Formula

Level 7
Hi everybody,

Im thinking about buy the new Asus Maximus VI Formula, and use an AIO ( ex : Corsair, Swiftech ) to make WC on my cpu and power stage

1/ Can i use this solution ( AIO ) ? If its possible, whats model?

2/ I have seen, for tubes i need to use 1/4" ( diameter), as im a beginner with WC, i dont have lot of experience.

Thx for your help!

Level 7
i'm using H110 from corsair for my overclocked intel i-4930k and im pretty much happy with the preformance tempratures and the fans are so quite, but had to drill my Cooler Master GT case because the radiator was so big, so check the dimentions of the radiator before you decide and make sure if fits because i didn't think of that when i bought it 😛 but went fine. i don't know much about the tube size but the tubes are not that long so the radiator will have to be close to the motherboard.

Ok thx, for the case im going to take a Corsair 750D, but i mean i need to take an AIO which tubes can be detached to add tubes for power stage.

Level 13
Hi, Hakan-Sukur and welcome

The M6F is a great choice, but check out the Maximus VII being announced this week. An M7F may be more attractive for a new build at this time.

All-in-one watercooling kits are okay for a CPU. I have not seen any AOI kit with enough pump to add any other components to the cooling loop. They all come with one waterblock for the CPU and do not expect anything else to be added. Many of the AOI use a single-fan radiator. Those are acceptable for a moderately overclocked CPU, but water temperature would rise if more power, for instance from the VRM (power regulators), were added.

A plan to add anything to the cooling loop has to consider a custom loop. That can easily be extended to the VRM of the Formula and even to DRAM and video cards. I include only the VRM at the moment.


Watercooling performance depends strongly on the rate of water flow through the CPU block and the radiator. 1/4 inch tubing restricts water flow compared to 3/8 diameter tubing which is strongly preferred as soon as you go beyond an AOI. When several components are cooled in a series loop, they should all be connected with tubing that doesn't restrict water flow, eg. 3/8. Tubing and fittings are available in 3/8 diameter at virtually the same cost as 1/4".


Level 7
Thx Jeff for your help,
I've seen thats better to make a custom WC for what i want to do 😉

Level 10
Take a look at the CM Glacier 240L, this AIO has a cooper rad and is expandable. I've run cpu/mosfet/res with good flow. Adding a bay res makes filling and bleeding very easy. having all cooper components allows you to use simple distilled h2o and pt nuke PHN as the coolant. Most other AIO's have aluminum rads and you must use a anti-corrosive coolant.
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Level 7
Ok for the AIO Glacier, Cooler Master make the Cooler Master Eisberg 240L too. I need to have a look about these products

You said the "new Formula VI" in your original quote, did you mean the Formula VII that was just announced at Computex?

If you go with a full custom loop, with the Formula VI, be sure you have an anti-corrosion agent in the water, it's aluminum in the Formula VI, where they changed to copper in the VII.

How f... again a new :confused: !!!

So, maybe i would wait to buy the Z87 and the Z97!

Thx 😉

Level 7
That depends, what processor were you thinking on putting in?