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Help with unusual memory overclocking

Level 7

I'd be glad if someone can help me with overclocking my RAM. My current setup:  Asus Maximus X Hero (wifi), CPU i9-9900kf, RAM: G. Skill 32Gb 4000 16-16-16-36 (2 16gb sticks, F4-4000C16-16GTZRA - Samsung B-die). (yes, I know, the memory is not on the QVL list and that this CPU is more compatible with z390 chips. And yes, the BIOS was updated to the last version - 2701).... 

In summary, I could set the memory to 3600 16-16-16-36, or 3733 19-19-19-39, both at 1.35 VDD, 1.2 VCCSA and 1.2 VVCIO, also command rate 2N and maximus tweak 1. If I try a higher clock or decreased latency, the PC won't POST. Everything else was set at auto (and the CPU is not overclocked).

Is there somethin else I could do in order to increase the bandwith or decrease the latency? Also, considering the 2 configurations above, which one would yield a better performance?


thanks in advance!