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Help with undervolting FX-9590

Level 7
Hi all,

So it's summer and i live in a house that has no AC and is old wooden floor and its around ambient 32c spiked at 35c outside so cant tell what it is inside my room. And it only going to get warmer!

Idle temp cpu 36c to 38c

Im using a custom water cooling loop. D5 pump top, Koolance CPU-380A, 480 radiator.
Motherboard: TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX R3.0
I never done undervolting or overclocking this 220W cpu.

What i want to ask you guys how to undervolt my cpu currently its at 1.5v
I want to lower it but still run at 4.7GHZ
Some guy lowered the voltage to 1,368 V still runs at 4.7GHZ. And also lowered his temps.

Can some one tell me what to change in the BIOS in a simple manner without harming my pc. Note i just use stock settings.
Is it just simply lowering the cpu voltage from 1.5+ to say 1.368 and disable turbo correct? What about LLC? This is for the summer only.

Your help is much appreciated!

Level 7

So i went into the BIOS disabled AMD turbo core. Must i use "Offset" or "Manual"?
Proceed to CPU voltage current @ 1.512v so i tried to lower it to 1.400v is it 1.512 - 1.400 = 0.112?
Is 0.112 the sequence you need to type or just 1.400? I did on both sequences and got some numbers (like 0.70000) but i didn't trust it so i used F5 and bring it back to "optimal default" but still disable Turbo. Press F10 save exit.

Gosh i sound like a complete NOOB terrible sorry guys!

Level 7
No one?