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Help with my g skill f4-3600c18q

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I posted in the hardware support forum by mistake. Sorry

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and safe.

I need some help with these RAM.

This build was my first ever so when it booted up the first time and ran butter smooth, I was quite happy.

I use this machine to do 3D work and GPU rendering in Cinema 4D and Houdini, I play bannerlord II sometimes but that's about it. So, 90% of the time, this machine is for work, not games.

One day I was checking task manager and saw that my memory was running 2133, I started googling and found out that I have to use DOCP thing on my motherboard.

So I go into bios and turn on DOCP and change to 3600 and FLK to 1800 and everything else in AUTO, it booted into Windows but in like 5 minutes, it had to restart because windows detected something. I google a little more and use DRAM checker thing and manually typed in timing according to that checker.

Then it won't even post, I had to clear CMOS to take the BIOS to where it was before, and being the first time builder, that experience was quite horrible lol

Honestly, I don't care if it runs at 2133 because it's pretty damn fast already but I'd still like to get what I paid for or...would I even benefit from my RAM running at 3600 if I'm not a gamer?

The error code I was getting was first F9 and when I did restart, it was 22. I left the machine on for quite some time with error code 22 but nothing happened other than black sceen.

I don't know if it matters but this is what I have in my machine.

2 x Samsung m.2 drives(1TB each)
1 SSD(2TB)
750 Evga PSU
ASUS Rog strix x-570e gaming BIOS 1407 at the time overclocking the RAM.

If anyone has identical set up, would you please let me know how to set my RAM up?

I realize how lengthy this post is lol Sorry!

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You may want to tune the SOC voltage manually. Even if not gaming, Ryzen benefits from higher memory speeds in certain workloads.

Try setting a manual SOC voltage of between 1v and 1.05v. You can leave FCLK in auto.
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