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Help with Display driver

Level 7

I have had the G53S laptop for a few years now, and have recently updated to the latest GeForce 320.49 driver, and it ran smoothly for a few days, however recently I've been getting pink lines across my screen, regardless of what program I am running at the time. I've reinstalled the driver to make sure there wasn't a problem with the first installation of it, to no avail. I have done a bit of research and it suggests that the display driver may be at fault, don't know whether the driver update for GeForce had any part to play in this or not.

A more recent development has been getting a blue screen when trying to log in, saying that a driver has tried to corrupt the kernel and to restart the laptop. I am able to start in safe mode, but not safe mode with networking, I am currently logged in using the Directory Services Restore mode, and I have had the pink lines, but not as frequently, is this a driver issue or simply a bad connection on the motherboard between the video card and the screen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you need any more information about the laptop I'll be happy to supply that.

G53S | i7-2670QM-2.2GHz | W7 Home Premium | 8GB DDR3 1333MHz | GeForce GTX 560M-2GB | 2X640GB 7200RPM

Level 14
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