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Help with custom desktop

Level 7
I am soon making my own desktop and was wondering, what are is the best specs money can buy for 1400USD [excludes screen, mouse and keyboard]. I am wanting to buy a Rampage IV GENE from ROG and was hoping someone could tell me what else should I include, and their costs please. I plan on playing most games on ultra btw.

Level 9
i built you a PC wishlist on i would have linked it here, but it won't be added to the site till tomorrow. in the mean time search for a wishlist called " ~$1,400 RIG" (without "") If its mine you will see the Rampage Gene included in the build.

-ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
-Intel i7-3930k @4.42GHz
-Corsair Force Series GT SSD 240GB
- 2x 3TB WD Caviar Black (RAID 1)
- XFX ProSeries 1250W PSU
-3x ASUS VE248Q 24" Monitor
- 2x XFX 7970R
- Xigmatek Elysium Black Case
- CORSAIR H100 CPU Cooler
- Logitech G500 Mouse

Level 18
AMD or Nvidia GPU's ... Why are you starting out with This board?
What are you mainly using This rig for? Gaming?

Great board..dont get me wrong .....
but Have you considered the pro's of the CrossHair V?
1400 there is a narrow margin .. best of luck ..
i would suggest on the case..this can
be replaced anytime ..dont go nuts with ram..
8gb will more than get you there .. (im a dom gt fan)
the AM3's are cheap .. and .... still sweet T1100 ...
4core will do great .. though.
Have of luck ... or intel.... as long as it starts
with ROG ... it will ROG.c.

Level 11
$ 1400 for a PC with a 2011 socket, you must be joking ...... the Cheapest CPU is $ 600 and a good cooler for this CPU will cost near $ 100 , you don't put a cheap Case, PSU, GPU with a top of the line CPU

A 2600k or 2500k is more on this $ 1400 budget.

Level 40
Ah the joy of buying and speccing a new system. I used to love that part of the whole process. Now I just despair, my tastes are for the top end items but my wallet (far too many children) is more to the budget end of things.

My personal view is the SandyBridge option is the way to go. 2500K is the best CPU for gaming value/performance right now. Build your system round that and you will have a winner and change in your pocket.
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