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Help with 3 way SLI

Level 7
I have a maximus IV extreme z mobo, first i started off with ASUS GTX 680 4gb in sli mode which ran perfectly,

until recently i bought another ASUS GTX 680 4gb card and installed it into the system, but it does not show up in windows
computer properties, it shows in bios but not in windows.

also the GPU tweak sees the 3rd card but the voltages are all wrong, engine clock is at 500 instead of the original clock.

Another thing to add, i also tried pci-e slot 1 and the last pci-e slot on the board and its not picking up the card in windows thats in the last pci-e slot.

I need some advice on what to do because i can see it in bios and the voltages are correct on the NF200 chip.

Level 16
I'm a little bit confused here... :confused:

How many Asus GTX680s do you have? And what is that NF200 chip? Which PCIe slots are occupied (with graphics cards or other devices) on that Maximus IV Extreme?

Perhaps a more detailed description of your system would be beneficial for us to understand problem..

Level 40
Yeah just to make sure are following the manual exactly for the 2 card sli and the 3 card.


If you have any other PCIe device that will interfere...

Level 7
hi guys, ive actually got it running thanks Arne Saknussemm, ive tried the installation as it says in the book and have it working in 8x/16x/16x in bios 3 way sli working now. But now im having some heat issues and wondering if i should do watercooling, i have the ASUS GTX 680 DC2 4GB cards and have found that there are EK blocks that i can buy for them.

Would you guys recommend a setup such as that ? and if you dont mind me asking what would you put into the water cooling setup what do i need exactly because i have not done any water cooling before.

Thanks in bonus guys

Level 40
Good stuff...up and running!

But heat issues? I guess the cards are pretty close to each other now. What sort of temperatures are you getting. Maybe try setting a more aggressive fan profile for them in something like Precision X or Afterburner. But this will be loud.

So yeah, watercooling them would be perfect....quiet and will drop your temps at load a lot.

What to get to make a water-cooling loop kind of depends on what computer case you have and what you can get in it, particularly in terms of radiator real estate. The more radiator you have the lower your temps will be so if you want super cool temps you will need a lot of radiator but you can get perfectly adequate cooling for those three cards off even one 360 radiator (that is a radiator that can take 3 120mm fans 3x120 = 360)

You will need water blocks for the cards (something like the EK CSQ blocks and the CSQ triple bridge would make a great compact block for the cards) some compression fittings, some tubing and a pump and a reservoir. You just have to choose compression fittings and tubing of compatible diameter.

I started cooling with EK stuff and have had nothing but good experience with them so that's why I recommend them but of course there are other good suppliers too.

Would you want to cool your CPU too? In that case you might want another 240 radiator in there too. For a single loop for the GPUs you could get a DCP 4.0 pump from EK for a loop including the CPU maybe a D5 pump better.

Have a look at the EK site and let us know if you need any help choosing compatible pieces....

What case do you have?

Oh, and I guess I should mention this does technically remove the warranty on your cards

Just a quick note the temps are really high so im staying away from gaming at the moment 😄

Level 7
Thank you for your reply, the temp's currently hit 105c on top card 95c on middle card and 59c on bottom card, this is all with 100% fan with GPU tweak from ASUS running battlefield 3 with the video cards running at approx 80-95% each. Also just to add im running 3 screens. I already have a H100i for the cpu and it never goes above 52C on load so im not worried about the CPU. All i want is the cards to be cooled sufficiently, and as you said the EK stuff does look like the way to go. I Currently have a thermaltake level 10 gt, but am goign to get the corsair 900D once it is out then get the watercooling happening at that time.

From the looks of things the 360 rad is the way to go with the EK blocks and also the CSQ triple bridge with pump and reservoir. then ill also get some compression fittings and tubing of the compatible diameter to the build.

Thanks for your help i will post on how i went so you can also see 🙂

From the looks of things i need 3 x
And one of these

Are those the right components ?

Level 40
Ouch :eek:, yes those temps are a bit high maybe jury rig a fan or two blowing directly over them somehow?....maybe cut down to one monitor? if that would make a difference...

Don't know what is wrong with the EK configurator but I think the blocks you would need would be


but the bridge looks the right one to me.

Zka17 has done this recently so he'll be able to confirm parts...

Level 7
hmm, im a little confused because the EK config points at the other blocks

Level 40
Hmm Yeah me too....but in the list of compatible cards for the 670 block appears the 680 maybe its all good.....for a moment I thought the configurator might need configurating. Maybe the best thing would be to send them an email just to make sure!