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Help us beta test! CustomPC Realbench v2.41 RC

Level 15
Please download here:
Not sure how long that link will last. It's about ~400MB

Here is the leaderboard:

We have worked with CustomPC magazine in the UK to develop a custom RB app for them - still full of open source apps with no funny business, just co-branded with CustomPC pics, videos and an ASUS hosted leader board.

Right now we're beta testing to make sure the app and leaderboard functions OK - please try it out!
If these filtering functions work we'll copy them into ROG RB to update it with more stuff! Yay!

Level 15
Thanks Menthol!!

Level 7
Just uploaded my score run on my rig in the specs.
5960x-4.4 EK EVO SPR|AsusRE5|16g DDR4-2400|Gigabyte Aorus Extr GTX1080TI+WB|2 Smsng 850 EVO 500gb ssds|2Tb WD Blk|Win10-64|PC P&C 1200W|Thrmltake X9|3 XSPC RX480 rads+ 2 D5s| Acer ET430k
2700x-PBO-EK AM4 EVO |AsusC6H16g DDR4-3200 FlareX|Zotac GTX1080+EK WB|Corsair MP500-480gNVMe PCIe3|Win10-64|EVGA 850W|ThermaltakeV51|2 360 slim rads + EK D5 vario 140|Dell U3415W

Level 15
The testing is now done - please see the CustomPC leaderboard for download link for live leaderboard. Thanks all for helping!