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[Help] ROG Strix GTX 1080ti

Level 7
Hey folks,

Are there any recommended settings for the Strix 1080ti?

I just use the default gaming mode on GPUTweak II.

I was wondering if there's any guide on the forum.

Thanks in advance!

Level 13
Plenty of guides around. stock OC isnt much.
Biest advise is go to pro mode, run the power limit to max and leave the memory alone and start bumping up the core 10 at a time. When it becomes unstable add +10 on the volts. Lather rinse repeat until you get no improvements then lock it in and rip the knob off and move to memory, no voltage to adjust here and do it in like increments of 50 at first until you see artifacts then start backing off 50. Done.

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