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Help please? :)

Level 7
Hi im new to this forum and im also new to OC'ing and i need help Oc'ing. Thats What this thread is for xD.
OK, now for the serious part...
I have a i5-4690k and a CM Seidon 120XL Cpu Cooler and i need help overclocking. Help pls?

Hello et_says_hi and welcome.

Actually, you should have made this thread in the overclocking section. If one of the forum moderators move it there, they will tell us.

If you need help overclocking your cpu I can help you.

please download these 3 programs.

1) ROG realbench
2) Real temp 3.70
3) ROG cpu-z

Once you get these 3 programs installed open real temp and realbench. Run the realbench stress test and tell me your maximum cpu temps. This will tell us where you're at and give us an idea of how far you can overclock.

Temperature controls how far you can overclock your cpu. The lower your temps are, the further you can overclock.

So get this done and post your temps for me. If you see et tell him I said hi back.;)

Oh and please post your complete system specs for me too, thank you.