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Help, Overclocking Failed

Level 7
I'm new to overclocking, so i don't know very well how to configure it...

i tried to use the Normal OC (4.2GHz) profile and the Gaming OC (4.7GHz) profile, but the second i tap the F10 key to save
the changes, mi system shuts down and tries to reboot but keeps shutting down until i turn off the power supply,
then when i start it up again, it says "overclocking failed" and then i have to reset to defaults to be able to access windows

what could the problem be? or how should i configure the profiles in order to overclock my cpu to 4.5 or more?

please help!!!

My computer:

-Processor: Intel i7 3930k 3.2GHz
-Motherboard: Asus Rampage 4 Extreme
-Cooler: Corsair H80
-RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengance (2x8 Bars)
-Power Supply: EVGA Supernova Nex1500 Classified (1500watt)
_Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB
-Case: CM StormTrooper

sorry, english is not my first language...

Level 11
Don't use the profiles. Each CPU differ from eachother so the profiles are bad. Try to overclock the cpu yourself. All you have to do is increase the multiplier to 4.5 and try to match the vcore voltage so it runs stable.
Here is a short guide:
Before OC: Set everything to default then click Ao Overclock Tuner and set to manual for overclocking, xmp profile for factory ram settings.
1. With the newer unlocked processors you don't need to use bclk at all so leave this at 100.
2. To overclock the processor you'll need to change the multiplier. In this case to 45. BCLK x Multiplier = CPU clock
3. As you have now increased the processors power, the power usage will increase. To make the system stable now that the Processor require more power you need to increase the cpu voltage by setting the voltage. You can either do this manually or with offset.
For offset read this:
Then save and restart: F10
4. After the cpu is overclocked go into windows and run prime 95 in blend mode. Crash = Increase voltage. Max recommended voltage is 1.55v Also use HW monitor to check temps.
5. Run Prime 95 for 30 min if it crashes increase voltage if not congratulations! 🙂
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| Memory: 2x8gb G.Skill Trident X 2400mhz | GPU: PNY Geforce GTX 670 | PSU: NZXT Hale 90 750w
| SSD: Intel 120gb 330 series (OS) | Intel 120gb 330 series (Games n stuff)
| Monitor: LG 29EA93 | Cooling: Custom Loop

Level 40
Nice response Krindor, this thread is all yours to work with.

To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 16
A little addition/comment if may I have... it's regarding the memories...

Historically, combining the RIVE with the Corsair's Vengeance series RAMs, often results in trouble... not all the times, just often... So, just to avoid or detect any possible problems there, I would suggest to run Memtest86+ at BIOS stock settings first, then apply only the XMP profile (before starting to OC the CPU)... - link to the guide is in HiVizMan's signature above...

Also, be aware (for the future) that the RIVE is a quad channel platform... you can use a RAM kit with 2 modules/sticks on it, just make sure that they are in the DIMM slots suggested in the manual... and most importantly, when/if you decide to upgrade, get a completely new kit, don't try to insert a second 2x8GB one... - that is almost sure will cause trouble...

One more thing, when it's about to OC the CPU, connecting all the CPU powers (8 pin and 4 pin) may add to stability...

Level 40
Another important thing is to cool the VRM area of your motherboard. The presets can generate a lot of heat here and OCing in general and the board will throttle the CPU, or not post, if it is too hot. You need a fan dedicated to blowing air over this area.

I do suspect it is your RAM that is not allowing the overclock however.