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Help Overclocking 12700k Z690-A Gaming DDR5

Level 7

Bios 2305

Cpu 12700k  aio artic 360

Ram corsair 32gb 5600mhz vengeance ddr5 

2 Samsung 980pro 1tb






Try using the AI overclocking feature in the bios.

At the top of the bios page click AI OC Guide, then click enable.

Set the Performance cores and E-Cores to AI Optimized.

It gave me a 47% overclock.

hello Nate! thanks for the reply.

I don't like  the power consumption of  AI overclocking.

I'm looking for manual settings.


I have the 12700KF and do my overclocking manually as well.

Your cooling will determine how far you can overclock. There are three things you can overclock on your 12700k, the P-Cores, the E-Cores and the CPU Cache.

You can do per core overclocking or sync all cores for an all core overclock, I do an all core overclock.

Because cpu's aren't created equal, my settings may or may not work for you, so it's basically some trial and error and testing. Be warned, too many blue screens will corrupt your operating system and you'll have to reinstall windows. 


1) First, I set the AI Overclock Tuner to XMP to set my ram or you can set your ram manually as well. Test to see if it's stable with a demanding game.

2)  On the AI Tweaker page, set the Global Core voltage to Manual.

3) A box will appear that says CPU Core Voltage Override. I have good cooling so I type in 1.44v and hit enter.

4) Scroll down to the Power Core setting, select sync all cores, enter in 51 and test with a game, if stable try the multiplier to 52 and test again. If stable, you can try the multiplier at 53, but this is unstable for me.

5) Scroll down to the Efficiency Core setting, sync all cores and enter in 40, if stable try the multiplier at 41, if stable try the multiplier at 42, this is unstable for me.

6) Scroll to CPU Cache VID voltage and select manual, enter in 1.35v in the cpu cache voltage override. For the cpu cache you select a minimum and maximum, set both to 44 and test. If stable, try the cache ratios to 45 and test, 46 is unstable for me.

7) Set SVID Behavior to Best Case Scenario.

😎 In the DIGI+ section set LLC to level 4.

Number 7 and 8 should help keep the voltage at or close to what you're setting in the bios.


Install a monitoring program such as HWinfo to monitor clock speeds, voltages and temps. Pay attention to the maximum voltages and maximum temperatures.

 I ended up with....

P-Cores - 5200MHz all core overclock

E-Cores - 4100MHz all core overclock

CPU Cache - 4500MHz (Ring Clock = CPU Cache)

CPU Core voltage - 1.44v (Vcore is the cpu core voltage)

CPU Cache voltage - 1.35v


Level 7

i went with your setting but not sure what happened
the power consuption was ok
can you upload pics from your bios and cinebench r23 hwmonitor


I try to avoid these stress testing programs such as cinebench, prime95 etc.. as they stress the cpu pretty hard. Temps will be high running these tests, especially with an overclock.

So, what I do is just use a demanding game for testing. 

For the cpu cache ratio, set the Minimum to auto so it downclocks to 800MHz at idle.

Some bios screenshots:


I'm setting 1.44v for the cpu core voltage, maximum is going to 1.465v in Hwinfo. This is a little higher than I want to see for the maximum Vcore. I'll try with LLC at level 3 which is the default setting, this should bring down the maximum Vcore to 1.44v - 1.456v.

Here are my maximum temps when playing Destiny 2.