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Help on video card issue

Level 7
hello, i am seeking for help in order to fix my computer, i had left my computer on sleep and when i went to wake it up it froze, i restarted and got a BSOD with an 0x116 error, i have a nvidia geforce 660 , i reinstalled the drivers to a previous version on safe mode and it got fixed, when i restarted another BSOD came up with a 0x7e error. it said i had to switch video adaptors. i checked for viruses, updated drivers but nothing seemed to work so i reinstalled windows 7 . now when i turn on the computer it doesnt recognize the monitor or the video card. i tried reinstalling the drivers for the video card with no result. could it be that the video card is broken? i took it out and checked for any damage but it had none.ive only had this computer built a year and 3 months, and it was working good, except that when i play cs go it would restart my game constantly, and randomly. i think the video card should last a bit longer, any suggestions? here are my specs:

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
8gb DDR
amd fx 8320
nvidia geforce 660

thanks for your help

Level 11
I would start by setting up an rma for your 660 sounds like a bad vga to me, who's the maker of your card ?
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the videocard? evga nvidia

Level 9
Check the ram. It might sound dumb but im betting a stick of ram is the problem. Get memtest and run it 1 stick at a time. This will require a few reboots. However this may be your problem. I had a similar problem and had to RMA my ram about a year ago. It drove me up a wall trying to figure out why my system was randomly crashing and rebooting only to find out that a stick of ram died on me.
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i see,okay im going to do that, also my ethernet adapter is not recognized so idk how id get memtest, my desktop has a wireless adapter, no lan outlet. could that be associated with the ram problem too?

Level 40
0x7e error is most commonly a memory error.

You can follow the Memtest86+ guide in my link. That will show you how to run the test.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
okay here is an update for this problem, i fixed the network adapter driver problem. i also ran the computer with each memory stick and still had the problem, now im going to run that memtest86 and see how it goes!

Level 7
as recommended on the link, i ran 2 cycles and both passed, i also ran chkdsk and found no errors.could it be the graphic card is bad? i dont have another desktop to try it on, but i guess im going to have to try with another card and then return it if anything