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Help: my ROG Pc randomly turns off

Level 11
Hi there,

i have a ROG Maximus V Extreme mobo, a 3770K, good RAM and a new AX860 PSU, etc.
After a year of flawless operation at 4800 Mhz I am recently getting random turn-offs.

Sometimes it is while I use the PC, just surfing the web or writing, BANG! : off.
Sometimes I leave the PC on at night and I find my PC off in the morming.

Whenever this happens THE POWER-ON BUTTON does NOT work.
I have to disconnect the PSU with its own button, wait until the mobo is electrically drained (no more working LEDS). Then, only then, I can restart my PC.

I have disabled overclocking, or only mild overclocking, and some days it looks good, but then again ZAS! I get a instant power off!

Realy weird, isn't it?

Thank you if you can help me understand and solve this!!!

Level 11
Last saturday I dismounted everything from the case, removed all parts except the minimum. Still same probl.
Then I updated the BIOS: first restoring defaults 2 times... then reinstalling latest BIOS, everything on auto.
Strange thing is I found an exclamation mark in Device manager for the Intel Managment Engine (whatever that is). In the past I did not have it (I regularly check my configurations).
It was a bit complicated to reinstall IME because the Asus MVE website offers some patch for Win8.1. and then you have Intels website with something else... After several tries, it seems fine. I wonder if the good guys of Asus will check the downlaods section ever, long time since nothing new!

Anyway, after BIOS reinstall and IME reinstall, all seems fine. How this came to happen, a mistery...... I had a splendid 1st year with this mobo, OC at 4800Mhz, 24/7.... Then in the HOT summer I had to turn it down to 4600, since then I have never been able to regain 4800 with low voltage...

At the end, thank you HiVizMan for sugesting reinstalling BIOS. And thanks to all the other people.

I have had not a single crash since then!

Level 7
I don't know if my issue is related but I just bought an officially refurbished ASUS G750JX and tonight was the first time I installed a game. I played league of legends and with in about 7 minutes the computer shut itself down. I tried it again and about the same timing the exact same thing occurred. I updated bios and gpu and then used FurMark 1.12 and after about the same period it got to 105 degrees and shut down.

I'd be monitoring it all day before playing the game actually and felt something wasn't wrong. Even when opening Photoshop CC the GPU temp would spike to 95 degrees before the fan cooled it down to 70 degrees but the fan would constantly stay high and noisy trying to keep it cool. Either way I've got some kind of GPU issue I'll need to call support tomorrow morning and see what they say. YOu might have the same issue?

Level 40
All good mate, the main thing is that your system works.

I will get them to look at the stuff you mentioned too.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.