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[HELP!} Asus R9 280X DC2T problem

Level 7
Hi all,

Need some advise here regarding my newly bought Asus R9 280X. I am running the GPU stress test with OCCT 4.4.0 with Error Checking. I tried to overclock this card a little bit from stock value but is totally not stable and keep hang, or the display just crash.

So to confirm if the card is stable or not, I am using the default core 1070 and mem 6400 at stock 1.20v with power target set to max 20%. Within 2 minutes, OCCT will be keep gaining over thousands of errors detected.
But with if I set the power target to default 0%, then there is no issue because at that moment, the GPU VDDC is just running within 1.14-1.20v up and down. Also the FPS will be lower.

Aren't these cards are suppose to be able to run flawlessly and maximum power? Wondering if I could get it RMA from Asus?