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Help about overcloking 10900k safe daily

Level 7
Hello everyone i have 10900k and motherbord asus z490 xi hero
The cpu on 5200mhZ
Cpu voltage 1.33 load
My temps in cinbench r15 82c
My temps in cinbench r20 90c
My temps in games 75
Does my overclock is good for 24/7?
Does my temps and the voltage good for 24/7?
Thanks for the help

Level 13
Its not the voltage that eats chips, its the temps. You want to stay under 80C. What are you using to cool it? If you can get the temps down A little youd be good. 90C is s definite no mans land. 82C is a little high but not horrible but not something Id run 24x7. Drop it back a notch to 5100 and lower your Vcore and runt he same tests and compare your scores. I was running my 10980XE all cores at 4.8 and running a AVX bench it got into low 80s. I dropped it back 100Mhz and the difference is score was like 500 less but my Vcore went from 1.235 to 1.185 and my temps dropped to 75C. Im running a pretty serious custom loop with a top notch block. You may just need to put in an AVX offset of 1 or 2 to drop that back if you are staying at 75C for your normal use. The offset will just drop your multipler by the number entered and will allow for 5.2 during non AVX use but if you put in 1 it will drop it back to 5.1 for AVX loads.

Level 13
Heres my differnnce over 100 Mhz. As you can see the score drop wasnt that much but my max dropped 8C. This is with no AVX offset. Same difference though whether I just leave it at 4.8 and a 1 offset I still get 4.7 for AVX loads.