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Headphone Amp?

Level 7
Hey everyone, just got a set of Beyer Dynamics DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm cans, they sound great, but feel like they can be pushed further than what I currently have. Using a Formula VII MB with a Front Base. Volume maxed, but I know theses can do better, anyone have any advice on a good, small headphone amp?

Level 7
My recommendation: Schiit Audio, check the website.
Multiple options.
From very low cost.
Old school High End with contemporary component/ design implementation.
I use the USB DAC/AMP Fulla for my Desktop Gaming. Note: At 50 Ohm load.
Works quite nicely, sound is much improved and similar to the more expensive components.

Level 14
Real old school is build-your-own ... this classic part is one of my trusted favourites, simple, cheap ($2), and pretty good (not truly "high end" but still surprisingly decent).
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Level 7
I'm ordering this one today ill let you know when i get it how it is. Behringer HA400

Level 7
Got the Behringer HA400 the other day they sound with my senni and they sound pretty good only thing if u get them they are the 6.3 mm inputs so u will need some 6.3 male to 3.5mm female adapter.