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HD 7970 vs GTX 680 , help please !

Level 7
Hey ! 😄

I need some help to buy a graphic card to my new gaming pc.
My question is , which one is better for gaming (best performance) ?
Asus HD 7970 3GB Direct CU II or Asus GeForce GTX680 Direct CU II 4GB ?

Please , help me guys !
thank you ! 🙂

Level 10
I prefer the 7970. You'll here a lot of back for forth with this topic. The most helpful article for me was

Overall there is no doubt the 7970 is a better bang for the buck. The one thing I dont understand in the article is why they have a 7970 with 3GB and a GTX 680 w/ 2GB, almost seems unfair. Also don't forget the most important thing of all is the drivers! I swore never to buy Nvidia after my laptop GPU gave me tons of problems several years back. The AMD drivers seem to be lacking a bit though especially in crossfire.

Level 8
I have an emotional attachment to nVidia products ... so I sugguest the 680.
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Level 14
IF your going for the nvidia one, get the 2 slot one.
if your gona add another one down the line, 2 3slot cards would get real hot becouse of the limited space between them and les cooling for the top card.
when you have 2 2slot cards it cools bether and bether air flow and no limitation between the cards ( thinking space for the top card to get air )

well , better wait for new 700 series from Nvidia xD

Level 16
I would say that the HD7970 and GTX680 are almost at the same level looking overall... - there are things where one is stronger then other things where the other one is performing better...

The main question you have to ask yourself is for what are you gonna use the graphics card for? For general everyday usage, you won't see too much difference... if you're gaming, double-check your games is specific forums for which card/driver is the best... also, how many and how big monitors are you gonna use?

Level 7
1920x1080 , just 1 monitor.

Level 40
Also check out AnandTech bench section they have a whole lot of games tested with various cards and at various resolutions so you can see which cards perform best for which games..

The 7970 and 680 are very much alike and choosing one over the other may come down to the deal on the day the driver support etc. you won't regret buying either one......until the next generation comes out anyway;)

Level 7
difficult to say. If you care about money(Even ASUS says, Grab one AMD Gpu can help you little by mining Bitcoin), then HD7970 is more suitable for. I am currently using that model, Although the selection is worse than I thought, ASUS may care little more.

For second option. Well if you have a heart, you may select Titan Instead of 680 due to energy issues.

Level 40
Both cards are good.

The AMD has the added option of being paired in Crossfire with ANY other AMD card, so in a year you may be looking to add a newer card to the 7970 and have Crossfire. nVid does not allow that flexibility. Same card and same amount of vram or no SLi
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