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Haswell Refresh

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Source Guru3D,

It is not finally a set date, you guys will see Intel's pending Haswell Core refresh products in May, the 10th to be precise (11th depending on your timezone). That date the processors will be launched, mostly having a 100 Mhz bump on the clock frequency. more interesting of course will be the new intel H97/Z97 chipset for motherboards.

Intel originally planned to release the CPUs in April and then distribute the chipsets in May, but after feedback from motherboard clients and channel retail partners, Intel decided to delay the CPU launch and release the two together in May.

Then the enthusiast class Devil’s Canyon processors will be released shortly after that likely in the Computex 2014 timeframe, in June this year. Haswell-E with the LGA 2011-3 socket is going to followup in September. There will be roughly 20 SKUs queued for the Haswell Refresh (most of the SKUs wil get a clock upgrade of 100 Mhz) which are the following:

I am in need of some fresh hardware or refresh hardware

What are the new Extreme motherboards going to offer?

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There's a thread on here somewhere by Marshall that details a few things, haswell refresh I believe is going to be very similar to has wells, with the exception that they said there going back to "solder" but there also trying or using a new method

So far I haven't really seen detailed power related info to see if they tried to lower voltages needed or not

Besides that the newer chipsets meaning not the refrsh with the new chips will have ddr4 support, some point there rolling out iris integrated graphics, and I believe 8 core processors
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