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H100i review by me (and not a good one)

Level 9
I have been using this water cooler for about a month, and lately i was having very high temps.
my CPU is the FX 8350 and i know these cpu's can produce a lot of heat, but running at 4.6ghz the temps should have been better to start with.
when i installed the h100i my cpu was oced to 4.7ghz, and the temps always seamed to high compared with other similar set-ups, so i ended up buying better fans (noctua nf-f12 and nf-f14) in push/pull but even after that i had very little improvement on temps.
I have tried all the possible set-ups from push only, pull only, push/pull, open case, closed case, more case fans, less case fans, different thermal paste and various applying methods , lapped cpu, but nothing seemed to work!

so a few days ago my cpu temp went up to 70c core running OCCT (large date set) on 4.6ghz at 1.43750v "to be precise", at room temp pf 23c.
so that was the end of line for the H100i on my rig.
I have removed the h100i and installed the stock AMD heatsink for now.

now lets go back to the h100i,
so first thing i have noticed after removal was the noise on the radiator when shaken and that was air, so obviously this is not good in a radiator and shouldn't be there on a 5 year no maintenance item.
After i decided to remove the cooling plate and that's where things started to get bad!

1st problem:
the cooling liquid it's full of debris (some white stuff) pics:


2nd problem:
the cooling plate fins on the interior, are full of that white stuff and completely clogged!
so that must be the major reason for the overheating.


3rd problem:
the cooling plate it's slightly bent.
for the intel chips this may not be a big problem since they have concave heatspreaders and thermal paste can do a better job in that situation.
with AMD chips it's a different history since they have convex heatspreaders and the h100i cooling plate being convex too, the contact area it's smaller and therefore less heat dissipation.


Corsair should have a better quality control on their products, they have some good stuff but h100i is not one of them.
as i have purchased this cooler from a not authorised dealer i can not RMA, otherwise i would have asked for my money back and forget about h100i coolers.

another thing,
if for some reason someone removes the cooling plate, don't attempt to remove the circuit board as it will brake the filaments for the water pump and the unit is then useless.
anyway the cooling plate on it's own can be removed safely for cleaning or lapping, but don't know if it will affect warranty.
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Level 16
Air inside those AIO coolers is definitely a big problem...

Not sure what liquid is Corsair using in those coolers, but the debris are also a big trouble - they should not be there... Would be curious if you clean the block and try it with distilled water...

I would certainly send those pics to Corsair though...

Level 9
I myth post the pics to corsair forum to let them and people know about this.
i won't bother replacing the liquid as I'm going for a custom water cooling, i can still use the radiator as an extra to cool a gpu in the future and i think i may be able to use the circuit board to run the corsair link software with is nice to control multiple fans (best thing on this AIO cooler).
pump and cooling plate is going to the bin.
Cpu- FX 8350 / mobo- crosshair v formula z / Gpu- asus gtx 770 / Psu- corsair AX760 / cooling- Phanteks PH-TC14PE / SSD- samsung 840 evo 250 GB / HDD- 2x toshiba 1T / Ram- G Skill 2x8GB 2400 mhz / case- Zalman z11 / monitor- BenQ xl2411t.

Level 7
I have an h80i and I think it will be the last one I ever buy from Corsair unless they really focus on the quality of their product. I like the general performance of it, but it was my first time using a product from Corsair so I wasn't aware that the hardware they provided was the wrong size and it caused the fins to almost be destroyed by the screws before they were any where near being tightened down fully. I had to go to the hardware and buy 12 thick washers to space out the fans and hardware.

Luckily I'm a machinist by trade and my other hobbies include vehicle restoration and repair, so as soon as I felt resistance on the screws, I knew to stop, but I imagine there are a lot of other people out there who trusted the hardware to be appropriate for the application and ended up with a leak.

Level 11
I've owned them also and agree they are cheaply made not worth the price, custom is the only way to go..
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Level 16
I have a H100 and a H80i right now - never had any issues with mounting them on any platform I've tried...

The H100 however got that air issue over time... I observed that the pump started to make a grinding noise, which would go away if I move the radiator around - thus moving the air bubble... Maybe it's time to take it apart and see what's inside...

My main issue with both of them is actually the noise/performance ratio with original fans... if I run the fans at max blast, they will make a huge noise, but not so great airflow... I have the H80i setup with some Delta fans now - the same big noise, but way better airflow... and better cooling performance... I think these things have just too dense radiators...

Level 40
They use propylene glycol in the H100i and this will oxidise with heat and air to form a pretty corrosive solution...the system is designed to be sealed to maintain properties for long periods...if air is slowly getting in somewhere who knows how long it is operating properly or how long anti-corrosion agents are still working...

Wonder what the white stuff is? crystals or aluminium from RAD...

My H100 leaked within 3 days and prompted me to build my own loop....I have Corsair to thank for that I guess...white crystals formed where it leaked...but the liquid inside was clear but green when I took it apart....the copper cold plate needed serious lapping to flatten out...

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
They use propylene glycol

Yeah, I thought so... but if they mix copper with alu... - well that's a bad omen...

Level 9
Don't know what stuff they use, but smells bad and as the same liquid used on automotive.
the white stuff seems to be soft.
I think most of the time when people have problems with this cooler, they blame the pump.
But i think the real problem it's the rubbish they put in, and that's what makes coolingplate get clogged.
between a broken pump and clooged cooling plate which one is the worst??
Cpu- FX 8350 / mobo- crosshair v formula z / Gpu- asus gtx 770 / Psu- corsair AX760 / cooling- Phanteks PH-TC14PE / SSD- samsung 840 evo 250 GB / HDD- 2x toshiba 1T / Ram- G Skill 2x8GB 2400 mhz / case- Zalman z11 / monitor- BenQ xl2411t.

Level 16
LOL, with 5 years warranty none of those should happen! The problem is how to check those things if you're not taking apart the system?